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Where to Buy the Best Home Wind Turbine

Choosing A Supplier

When you make the investment in a home wind turbine it is important to realize that you are making a substantial financial investment. The growth of the home wind turbine market is tremendous and many new suppliers are opening their doors. Before you make the decision on what supplier to choose, it makes sense to do some research.

Experience is important when choosing a supplier of home wind turbines. Not only will the supplier help you choose the right size of wind turbine for your location and your budget, but, if you choose for them to do the installation as well, they will determine the site where the small wind turbine is located. The location of the wind turbine will greatly affect it's energy production, and therefor, your satisfaction with it.

Cutting Costs

There are a variety of ways that you can reduce the cost of purchasing and installing a home wind turbine. Because wind energy is a renewable energy source, there are a variety of incentives available for those who wish to install them . Financial benefits, both as tax credits and grants, combined with the lowering cost of small wind turbines mean that these small home wind turbines are becoming a more realistic purchase for many households.

Making the Purchase of a Home Wind Turbine

There are a variety of places to purchase small wind turbines, and you should take your time when researching the company. Because the installation location as well as the size of the rotor are significant in determining the output of power by the wind turbine, buying from an experienced supplier and having them do the installation makes sense.

Many people are disappointed when they purchase a home wind turbine, they assume that they will not have an electrical payment anymore. That is not how a home wind turbine works. The wind turbine is meant to supplement the electricity that is provided by the electrical supplier, not replace it. Depending on the weather, you may have many days when you will use no electricity “from the grid”, which means that the wind turbine has met your energy needs. Most home wind turbines will cut by one half to one third the amount of energy that you must purchase.

If this seems complicated, don't worry. Home wind turbines are manufactured to work with “on-grid” electricity. They are connected to your electrical meter so that when there is sufficient wind energy, you use your own renewable energy, when the weather is not cooperating, the grid electric kicks in seamlessly. You will not notice any difference in the performance of the electricity in the home.

Where to Buy Wind Turbines

There are many suppliers of wind turbines. Your choice often comes down to proximity and the level of experience. Iskra Wind Turbines touts itself as having the most efficient and cost effective small wind turbines available. They have several resellers across the UK. Bergey Windpower is a US based company, but they have distributors available around the world. They pride themselves on having the most up to date wind technology available. Ampair Wind and Water Turbines are a well established company, in business since 1973. You can order a wind turbine from Ampair online, or visit one of their local distributors.

The drawback for many people who wish to use wind energy is the fact that wind turbines do not work well in urban settings. The many buildings and other obstructions make it difficult to generate sufficient wind energy. Two companies, Eclectic Energy Limited and Urban Turbines, are both working to improve the performance of wind turbines in an urban setting.

This is just a small sampling of the companies that manufacture turbines. It may seem difficult to determine the best company to choose, but buying a domestic wind turbine should be treated like any other major purchase. Talk to others who have home wind turbines, find out if they are happy with the service as well as the performance of their turbine. By choosing a company that has satisfied customers in the same area that you are in, means you are more likely to find a competent installer who is familiar with the average mean wind speed as well as the prevailing winds in your location. To have the greatest savings with your wind turbine these are important factors.