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 Home Wind Turbines and Kits

Energy is becoming more expensive, and this is only going to worsen with the limited supply of fossil fuels available. Home wind turbines are just one way that people can reduce their dependence on external energy providers - saving money on utility bills, while also lowering their carbon footprint - so contributing (however minutely) to reducing global warming.

 Save Money Capturing Wind Energy at Home

Current home wind turbine technology is not designed to supply large amounts of energy (and is somewhat reliant on the presence of wind), so can only contribute a portion of an average households power needs.

However, this combined with other measures adds-up to a significant saving and reduction in the household’s impact on the environment. Such measures might include reducing waste through heat-insulation or power saving habits (switching lights, computers, and appliances off when not using them) or saving water - by reducing the flush volume of toilets, or storing rainwater for use on gardens or car-washing. Combined with solar, home hydro-power, bio-digestors or other eco-friendly domestic energy sources, you could be producing more power than you need and have the power company pay you for your surplus.

 Home Wind Guide:

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